Perforated Gypsum Acoustic Boards

Looking for solutions in room soundproofing and sound absorbing? Have a look at our acoustic boards which will absorb sound exponentially and re-invent your conference rooms, auditoriums, home theaters, etc.

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Elevate your spaces to new levels of auditory excellence with our Perforated Gypsum Acoustic Boards – the pinnacle of sound management innovation. Crafted to transform environments into auditory sanctuaries, these boards redefine aesthetics while achieving unparalleled sound control.

Imagine walls and ceilings adorned with striking designs that not only captivate the eye but also masterfully orchestrate sound. Our Perforated Gypsum Acoustic Boards harmonize the fusion of artistry and functionality, making them the quintessential choice for schools, universities, healthcare sanctuaries, bustling offices, dynamic retail interiors, grand theaters, and tranquil bedrooms.

The versatility of these boards knows no bounds – a canvas for architectural ingenuity and interior design brilliance. Architects and interior designers wield boundless creativity as they shape and mold these boards to match any room’s unique identity, effortlessly blending them into the tapestry of your space.

At the core of this sonic marvel is a product engineered for excellence. With an outstanding Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value of up to 0.5, our Perforated Gypsum Acoustic Boards stand firm in the face of sound waves, effortlessly corralling unwanted echoes and reverberations. And the potential for auditory perfection doesn’t end there. By introducing sound-absorbing accomplices like Fibre Glass Wool, these boards transcend expectations, delivering NRC values that reach even greater heights. The secret lies in creating a deliberate cavity between the boards and your walls – a space where sound is tamed, allowing your environment to resonate with tranquility.

But these boards are more than mere panels; they are the architects of serenity. With meticulous planning, they possess the power to orchestrate complete acoustic seclusion, cocooning rooms in a symphony of quietude. Each note, each whisper, each word finds its proper place, unhindered by the chaos beyond the walls.

Unleash the full potential of your space with our Perforated Gypsum Acoustic Boards. Let these boards be the conduits of calm, the guardians of acoustic purity, and the champions of design innovation. Elevate your surroundings, immerse yourself in impeccable sound, and experience the realm of auditory excellence that only our boards can bestow.

These boards have the ability to soundproof rooms entirely if purposed carefully and accurately.

These boards come in two different sizes:

  1. 1195 x 595 x 12 MM
  2. 2400 x 1200 x 12 MM