Fibre Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Fibre Glass wool acoustic ceiling panels are excellent sound absorbers that can be installed almost anywhere to reduce and reverberate sound. Room soundproofing has never been so easy!


Transform your environment into a realm of serenity and focus with our Fibre Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Panels. Designed to conquer noise and enhance ambiance, these panels stand as a pinnacle of acoustic innovation brought to you by Amazone By Furnitech.

Unparalleled Noise Reduction: Immerse yourself in tranquility as these panels effortlessly absorb and diminish intrusive noise. Whether it’s the bustling energy of an office, the captivating tales told on a theater stage, or the harmonious symphonies in an auditorium, our panels create an oasis of calm where sound finds solace.

Strategic Versatility: Crafted to harmonize with various spaces, these panels find their place in offices, auditoriums, and beyond. Wherever sound absorption is paramount, our panels deliver, enhancing both the productivity of professionals and the enjoyment of audiences.

Empower Productivity: Embrace an atmosphere primed for accomplishment. As the echoes of distractions fade, concentration finds its sanctuary, nurturing higher levels of productivity and excellence in your endeavors.

Immersive Leisure: In the world of leisure and entertainment, our panels redefine auditory delight. Experience the full depth of every note, every dialogue, and every moment, surrounded by a symphony of acoustic perfection.

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly fitting into suspended false ceiling grids crafted with precision, our panels blend aesthetics with functionality. Their concealed edges ensure a sleek and cohesive appearance, enhancing the visual allure of your space.

Personalized Palette: Choose between the classic elegance of Black or the pristine charm of White, allowing you to curate an environment that resonates with your style. With dimensions of 1200 x 600 x 20 MM, these panels offer both form and function in perfect harmony.

Infinite Possibilities: Architects, interior designers, school administrators, and visionaries of space, these panels are your canvas for acoustic mastery. Craft soundscapes that inspire, motivate, and captivate, as you leverage the potential of our Fibre Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Step into a world where sound finds balance, where spaces are sculpted by acoustics, and where every moment resonates with perfection. Experience the pinnacle of auditory excellence with Amazone By Furnitech. Your realm of acoustic possibilities awaits.