Perforated Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

Perforated Gypsum acoustic ceiling tiles are excellent sound absorbers that can be installed in suspended false ceiling grids created using Galvanized T-Grid bars. Room soundproofing has never been so easy!

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Discover the perfect synergy of design and acoustic performance with our Perforated Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles. Crafted to empower your creative visions while ensuring exceptional sound management, these tiles redefine the possibilities of interior spaces.

Unleash Aesthetic Brilliance: Transform mundane walls and ceilings into captivating canvases with our Perforated Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles. Elevate the ambiance of schools, universities, healthcare institutions, offices, retail interiors, theaters, and bedrooms, showcasing aesthetic designs envisioned by architects and interior designers.

Unrivaled Reverberation Control: Command your auditory environment with confidence. These ceiling tiles grant you unparalleled mastery over reverberation control. Experience pristine sound quality in any space, from bustling offices to serene bedrooms, as our tiles adeptly mitigate echoes and unwanted noise.

Tailor Acoustics to Perfection: Your creative freedom knows no bounds. Shape your auditory landscape precisely as you envision it. Our Perforated Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles adapt effortlessly to any room, merging seamless aesthetics with acoustic brilliance. Craft custom-tailored soundscapes that suit your unique needs.

Amplify Soundproofing Excellence: Engineered to excel, our ceiling tiles boast an outstanding NRC value of up to 0.5. For those who demand even more from their acoustic environment, amplify the sound-absorbing potential by integrating fiber glass wool behind these tiles. Elevate the NRC performance by creating a strategic cavity between the tiles and walls, revealing a realm of sonic clarity.

Precision Soundproofing at Your Fingertips: Seamlessly envelop your space in tranquility. These tiles hold the remarkable ability to completely soundproof rooms when thoughtfully implemented. Experience a sanctuary of silence, meticulously designed to meet your acoustic aspirations.

Dimensions That Fit Your Vision: Our Perforated Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles come in a convenient size of 595 x 595 x 12mm (Square Edge), offering a harmonious blend of form and function. Effortlessly integrate them into your design canvas, and watch as your space evolves into an acoustic masterpiece.

Elevate your environment with the transformative power of Perforated Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles. Redefine sound management, invigorate design, and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled acoustic excellence. Your space, your vision—elevated.