Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are excellent sound-absorbing materials that can be easily installed by suspending them through ceilings to create a quieter space for work and life. Get your hands on a wide range of acoustic boards and panels.


Discover the pinnacle of sound management with Amazone Acoustic Ceiling Clouds. Crafted to perfection by Furnitech, the premier distributor of acoustic materials in the Indian sub-continent, these panels redefine your auditory world while enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

Unveil Tranquility: Bid farewell to intrusive echoes and relentless reverberations that compromise the serenity of your surroundings. Our Acoustic Ceiling Clouds, suspended with finesse, act as a fortress against sound reflections. Whether you’re curating an auditorium soundscape, refining office ambiance, or transforming educational spaces, these panels are your definitive solution.

Precision in Design: Each panel is a testament to meticulous engineering. Engineered with a 6-7 PCF fiberglass core enveloped in acoustically transparent fabric, these panels achieve extraordinary Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) levels of 1.0 and beyond. This precision in design ensures that sound waves find their sanctuary within the panels, significantly reducing echo and creating an environment of tranquility.

Aesthetic Synergy: Harmonize your space with sophistication. The face and edges of our Acoustic Ceiling Clouds can be elegantly wrapped in fabric, allowing them to seamlessly blend with your room decor. Whether you desire a seamless integration or a contrasting accent, these panels are designed to elevate the visual appeal while taming sound chaos.

Functional Brilliance: Imagine a world where conversations are clear, and ambient noise is a distant memory. With our Acoustic Ceiling Clouds, this reality is within your grasp. No longer will sound waves endlessly ricochet; our panels instantly contain and neutralize them, transforming your space into an oasis of calm. From theatres to convention centers, from bustling malls to tranquil offices, these panels redefine the essence of sound absorption.

Shapes That Inspire: Choose your canvas of creativity. Our Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Clouds come in three distinct shapes – Hexagon, Circle, and Rectangle. Embrace the geometry that resonates with your vision, all while enjoying the harmonious symphony of unparalleled acoustics.

At Amazone By Furnitech, we’re not just offering panels; we’re presenting an auditory revolution. Step into a world where sound finds its balance, where design marries function, and where tranquility reigns supreme. Elevate your acoustic experience with Amazone Acoustic Ceiling Clouds – where every decibel finds its purpose.