Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels are excellent sound-absorbing materials that can be easily installed on walls to create a quieter space for work and life. Get your hands on a wide range of acoustic boards and panels.

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Step into a realm of auditory refinement with Amazone’s Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels, meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you perceive sound within spaces. While these panels have gained renown in applications such as conference rooms, home theaters, and recording studios, their influence extends far beyond these boundaries, promising transformative advantages in a diverse array of environments.

Unleashing Versatility Across Spaces:

Whether it’s the bustling realm of offices, where focus and clarity are paramount, or the enlightening realm of educational spaces, where every word spoken should resonate with impact, our Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels step up to redefine the auditory landscape. The hospitality industry finds in them a tool to elevate ambiance, casting a spell of elegance in hotels, restaurants, and cafes, enhancing the overall experience of patrons.

Bringing Acoustic Serenity Home:

At home, these panels become the architects of tranquility, cocooning your living spaces from external disturbances and preventing echoes that can distort your private haven. Even in healthcare settings, where healing and calmness are of essence, our panels play a vital role in creating an environment conducive to recovery.

Commercial sophistication gets a boost as well, as boutiques, galleries, and showrooms acquire a new layer of auditory sophistication, resonating with customers in a way that mere visual aesthetics cannot achieve alone.

Crafting Acoustic Excellence:

Each panel is a testament to the fusion of precision engineering and artistic craftsmanship. Combining an aluminum tube frame that houses premium Fibreglass wool, encased in an elegant sound absorption cloth, these panels beckon your creative input. Personalize them with a fabric of your choice, infusing your space with both acoustic perfection and visual elegance, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with your unique aesthetic sensibilities.

A Symphony of Benefits:

Hang these panels on your walls, and experience the transformation firsthand. They’re not just panels; they’re sound conductors, orchestrating an environment of unparalleled clarity. Immerse yourself in the power to curate your surroundings, selecting from an extensive range of colors and arranging panels in configurations that align with your spatial vision.

For those who seek the ultimate cinematic journey, our panels are an indispensable addition to your home theater. They unravel the complexities of sound, eliminating unwanted reverberations and ensuring that every note, dialogue, and whisper is delivered with utmost precision.

A Resounding Statement:

Amazone’s Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels embody the essence of spatial acoustics, merging function with aesthetics in perfect harmony. Embark on a journey through sound, transcending boundaries and limitations. Envision a world where acoustics are finely attuned to your imagination, a world fine-tuned by Amazone’s unwavering commitment to acoustic excellence. As you enter this world, you’ll discover that sound isn’t just heard; it’s experienced, and it’s experienced best with Amazone.

These acoustic panels come in two different sizes:

  1. 1200 x 600 x 25 MM
  2. 2100 x 600 x 25 MM

The acoustic performance of these panels can be measured as follows